Kasalang Filipino
Roadshow 2016

Cagayan De Oro


Kasalang Filipino Davao 2016 Exhibitors

Atelier de Marco
Contact Person: Marphy Gay Naidas
Contact Number: 0919.655.6100
Email: marphynaidas@yahoo.com

Big 8 Corporate Hotel
Contact Person: Oliver I. Golosino
Contact Number: 0917.302.9048/216.0888
Email: salesmgr@big8corporatehotel.com

Bottoms Up
Contact Person: Jeorge dela Cruz
Contact Number: 0942.728.7613
Email: bottomsupdavao@gmail.com

Camp Holiday Resort/Party Boat
Contact Person: Liza Bautista
Contact Number: 0918.935.4278/227.5055
Email: campholidayresort@gmail.com

Cocktails & Dreamsz Mobile Bar
Contact Person: Merry Christy Cabuenas-Ablog
Contact Number: 0917.713.5618
Email: xty2280@yahoo.com

Crafters Haven
Contact Person: Dyna Rose B. Tupas
Contact Number: 0923.529.9273
Email: crafters.haven@yahoo.com

Dazzle Events Planning & Designs
Contact Person: Jong Paguia
Contact Number: 0932.866.1283
Email: jong.paguia@yahoo.com

D'Leonor Hotel
Contact Person: Adelyn
Contact Number: 0922.849.0665/296.0135
Email: dleonorhoteldavao@gmail.com

Eden Nature Park and Resort
Contact Person: Jeline Gison
Contact Number: 0933.949.6755
Email: edennatureparkdavao@gmail.com

Eight Productions
Contact Person: Eight Espino
Contact Number: 0922.848.0788
Email: eightproductions@gmail.com

Floral Pink Design
Contact Person: Wendell Ole Gartes
Contact Number: 0925.745.2454/0917.319.7458
Email: w_gartes@yahoo.com

For The Love Of Prints (FLTP)
Contact Person: Hazel Magbanua
Contact Number: 0922.851.2250/321.4186
Email: fltp.info@gmail.com

Grand Regal Hotel
Contact Person: Kay Celine Insong/KC
Contact Nnumber: 0921.969.9707
Email: grhd.sales@gmail.com

Imagine Fotofun
Contact Person: Florence Te
Contact Number: 0922.899.7577/300.8080
Email: fotofun3008080@yahoo.com

Knots Forever
Contact Person: Maureen Avisado-Siongco
Contact Number: 0916.668.4978
Email: knots_4ever@yahoo.com

Leticia By The Sea
Contact Person: Erwin Galerio
Contact Number: 0917.701.9942/224.0501
Email: info@leticiabythesearesort.com

Marlon Advincula Photography
Contact Person: Marlon Advincula
Contact Number: 0917.724.8380
Email: marlonadvincula@gmail.com

Mj Mejoeve Photography
Contact Person: Emelyn Paraguso
Contact Number: 0920.769.7625
Email: mejoeve@gmail.com

Pearlfarm Beach Resort
Contact Person: Christian Panimdim
Contact Number: 0915.770.6817/234.7018
Email: cipanimdim@anflocor.com

September Blooms
Contact Person: Kristine Sarceda
Contact Number: 0917.716.9026
Email: ksarceda10@gmail.com

The Organic Studios
Contact Person: Raphael Banta
Contact Number: 0917.702.6937
Email: theorganicstudiosph@gmail.com

Theme Weddings & Events
Contact Person: Leni Hernandez
Contact Number: 0920.841.8033/305.0399
Email: ma_leni_hernandez@yahoo.com

Love & Styles
Contact Person: Lucen Ranis
Contact Number: 0949.544.8975
Email: paulphilfresh@gmail.com

Waterfront Insular Hotel
Contact Person: E.C Gamalong
Contact Number: 233.2881
Email: e.gamalong@waterfronthotels.net

Robinsons Dept. Store
Contact Person: France/Rachel
Contact Number: 0998.846.5874
Email: davao@rds.com.ph

Ystilo Salon
Contact Person: Febie
Contact Number: 296.4279
Email: ystilosalondavao@gmail.com

Hair Philosophie by. Jmonis
Contact Person: Trixie/Wendy
Contact Number: 296.4465
Email: hairphilosophiedavao@gmail.com

Desserts Bar
Contact Person: Kara Sarmiento
Contact Number: 0917.719.6617
Email: sarmientokara@gmail.com

Ever Bilena
Contact Person: Marco Sosmena
Contact Number: 0925.800.1872/0922.8686.7134
Email: marco.sosmena@yahoo.com

Joey Sy
Contact Person: Joey Sy
Contact Number: 0920.951.6494
Email: joey1059@gmail.com

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