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Kasalang Filipino San Pablo 2011 Exhibitors


Bridal Beauty: Health & Beauty Products

Ever Bilena Cosmetics
Address: 289 Reparo St., Sta Quiteria, Caloocan City, Philippines
Telephone No: (632) 330-0088
Fax No: (632) 361-3964
Website: http://www.everbilena.com.ph
Email: customercare@everbilena.com.ph

Wedding Attire: Bridal Gowns

Circle of Fashion Designers
Contact Person: Jenny Bernardo Belen - President
Address: Rizal St., San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines
Telephone No: (6349) 562-3266
Mobile No: (63926) 758-0530
Fax No: (6349) 562-3266

Laguna Fashion Designers Association (LAGDA)
Contact Person: Nholie Pilapil - President
Address: Rizal Ave., cor. Fule Sahagun St., San Pablo City,
Laguna, Philippines
Telephone No: (6349) 561-2098
Mobile No: (63928) 520-7700

Stile de Felisa
Email: fdelmundo28@yahoo.com

Wedding Attire: Groom’s Attire, Barong Tagalog

Address: G/F infront of Our Home, SM Sta. Rosa
Telephone No: (049) 534-4206
Website: http://www.onesimus.com.ph

Wedding Cakes & Desserts: Wedding Cakes

Gem See's Cakeshop
Contact Person:
Address: 8 Regidor St., San Pablo City, Laguna
Telephone No: (6349) 562-0881
Mobile No: (63920) 907-264
Website: www.gemseescakeshop.com
Email: marella_regin@yahoo.com

Goldilocks Bakeshop
Contact Person: Ms. Terry Paje
Address: 4/F Cakeplant Bldg., 498 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone No: (632) 532-4050 to 57 loc. 236, 533-7771, 532-2718
Fax No: (632) 532-4050 to 57 loc. 238
Url Page: http://www.goldilocks.com.ph
Email: mycake@goldilocks.com.ph,terry.paje@goldilocks.com.ph

Wedding Caterers

Marneth's Touch Catering Services
Contact Person: Marneth M. Santillan
Address: 45 Del Pilar St., Brgy. 1, Alaminos, Laguna
Telephone No: (6349) 567-1012
Mobile No: (63919) 266-4860
Email: marnethstouch@yahoo.com

San Pablo Welcome Catering Services
Contact Person: Nancy Yao Chumacera
Address: 14 Sampaguita, T. Dona Maria City Subdivision, San Pablo City, Laguna
Telephone No: (6349) 800-0103
Mobile No: (63918) 216-2958

Wedding Entertainment: Wedding Singers, Bands, Choirs

String and Quartet
Contact Person: Omar M. Fandiño
Address: #83 Del Pilar St., 4001 Alaminos, Laguna
Telephone No: (6349) 567-1415
Mobile No: (63921) 511-6753
Email: ilagankatherine30@yahoo.com

Wedding Florists, Stylists

Casza Flora Philippines
Contact Person: Gerardo Jeh Rivera
Address 1: Sta Isabel, San Pablo City, Laguna
Address 2: 2670 Anos Highway, Los Baños, Laguna
Telephone No: (6349) 503-0719
Mobile No: (63929) 429-2454
Email: jehrivera@gmail.com, jehrivera@hotmail.com

Wedding Invitations

RA3 Computer Center
Contact Person: Anna A. Reyes
Address: Paseo De Escudero St., San Pablo City, Laguna
Telephone No: (6349) 562-2159
Email: ra3sanpablo@yahoo.com

Wedding Planners

EV Event Planners
Contact Person: Egay Victorio
Address: Schetelig Ave., San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines
Telephone No: (6349) 800-3056
Mobile No: (63919) 432-2278
Email: egayvictorio@yahoo.com

Wedding Photographers

Bimbo Jereza Photography
Contact Person: Bimbo Jereza
Address: P. Gomez St., infront of Iglesia Ni Cristo Church, San Pablo City, Laguna
Telephone No: (6349) 573-2926
Mobile No: (63948) 205-8011
Email: jereza_b@yahoo.com

Exposure Digital Photography
Contact Person: Val Porras
Address: 87 2nd Flr. M. Paulino St. (infront of ultimart, beside manikin), , San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines, 4000
Telephone No: (6349) 561-2736
Mobile No: (63919) 363-5866
Url Page: http://www.valporras.com.ph
Email: info@valporras.com.ph

Manila Trends Photography
Contact Person: Claire Lirio
Address: Brgy. San Francisco, Victoria, Laguna, Philippines
Telephone No: (6349) 559-0350, (632) 913-3510
Mobile No: (63920) 894-0838, (63928) 551-4061, (63922) 987-0347:
Url Page: http://www.manilatrends.multiply.com
Email: clairemanila_lirio@yahoo.com , manila_claire@yahoo.com

Lens & Threads Photography
Contact Person: Joseph Aldwin Sadsad
Address: 114 Colago Ave., San Pablo City, Laguna
Telephone No: (6349) 800-4941
Mobile No: (63932) 461-5896
Email: aldwin.sadsad@yahoo.com

Louie Allan Photography
Contact Person: Louie Allan Naguit
Address: San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines
Mobile No: (63927) 510-5104, (63929) 698-2788
Url Page: http://www.louieallan.multiply.com/
Email: louieallan621@yahoocom

Photoshoppe Imaging & Photography
Contact Person: Luisito Pangilinan
Email: eihria_0809@yahoo.com

San Pablo Galleria Digital Photography
Address: 2/F Librojo Bldg., 21 Rizal Ave., San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines , 1013 Telephone No: (6349) 562-8143
Mobile No: (63919) 392-0896
Email: jhopix_777@yahoo.com

Wedding Reception: Garden Weddings

Maria Paz Royale Garden Resort
Contact Person: Joma Emlano
Address: Sta. FIlomena, San Pablo City, Laguna
Telephone Nos: (6349) 562-6488, 800-2537
Mobile: (63917) 816-0882, (63910) 835-6792, (63917) 436-2511, (63922) 887-9784
Fax No: (6349) 800-2537
Website: www.mariapazresort.com.ph
Email: info@mariapazresort.com.ph

Wedding Reception: Hotel Weddings

The Coco Palace Hotel
Email: thecocopalacehotel@yahoo.com.ph

Wedding Reception: Restaurant Weddings

Max's Restaurant San Pablo
Contact Person: Mutya M. Palencia
Telephone No: (6349) 562-2512, 562-0458 to 59
Url Page: http://www.maxschicken.com
Email: maxs_spc@yahoo.com

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