Kasalang Filipino
Roadshow 2016

Cagayan De Oro


Kasalang Filipino Dagupan 2011 Exhibitors

Bridal Car, Transport

Charles Rent-A-Car
Contact Person: Florencio Co
Address: San Manuel, Calasiao
Telphone No: (6375) 517-2088, 522-0439

Wedding Attire: Bridal Gowns

Cover's Bridal Gown and Formals
Contact Person: Luchi Vicente
Address: #135 Salay, Mangaldan
Telephone No: (6375) 522-7266

Maricon Bridal Entourage
Address: #125 Rivera St., Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 696-3713, 523-3713

Wedding Cakes & Desserts: Wedding Cakes

Am-Ams Foodshop
Contact Person: Amore Jabanes
Address: A B Fernandez East, Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 522-5688, 515-8548

Jam Sweet Jam
Contact Person: Elvira Fernandez
Address: Guilig St., Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 523-5231

Wedding Florists & Stylists

Airene's Flowershop
Contact Person: Airene Estrada
Address: #93 Bonuan Catacdang, Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 653-2620, 653-2131

Flowers in Bloom
Contact Person: Vrix Alvarado
Address: GF CSI The City Mall, Lucao District
Mobile No: (63922) 832-4025, (63929) 791-0462

Wedding Photo & Video: Wedding Photographers

Face Portraits
Contact Person: Jesson Veedor
Address: Pantal District, Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 515-2391

Highlights of Klasse
Contact Person: Patrick Villamil
Address: Rivera St. Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 522-9876

Professional Image
Contact Person: Jun Aquino
Address: J P Rizal St. Poblacion, Mangaldan
Telephone No: (6375) 523-1203, 513-7965

Wedding Planners

Events Studio by Gideon Hermosa
Address: #1 Espino Bldg., Perez Blvd., Dagupan City
Mobile No: (63928) 722-3945, (63927) 795-9465

The Gallery
Contact Person: Jesslyn Ang
Address: A B Fernandez St., Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 614-2172

Wedding Reception: Alternative Wedding Venues

Stadia: Jimmy L. Fernandez Center
Contact Person: Gay Hazel Fernandez
Address: Lucao District, Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 522-8622, 523-1918

Wedding Reception: Hotel Weddings

Starplaza Hotel
Contact Person: Juanita Ngo
Address: A B Fernandez St., Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 523-4777, 523-4888

Wedding Reception: Restaurant Weddings

Gloria Maris
Contact Person: Joey Horato
Address: GF CSI The City Mall, Lucao District
Telephone No: (6375) 522-8849

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