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Roadshow 2016

Cagayan De Oro


Kasalang Filipino Dagupan Exhibitors

Beauty & Fitness: Health and Beauty Products

Ever Bilena Direct Selling
Website: www.everbilena.com

Sara Lee
Contact Person: Ian Vida Estandian
Mobile No: (63908) 658-5423

Contact Person: Mr. Noli



Market Rich (Novelino Wines)
Contact Person: Mr. Ricky A. Semilla
Mobile No: (63926) 825-3449


Cakes & Desserts

Am Ams Steakhouse
Contact Person: Ms. Adore Jabanez
Address: A.B. Fernandez ,Dagupan City,Pangasinan
Telephone No: (6375) 522-0712, 522-5688, 515-8548
Email: J_Amams@Yahoo.Com

Cindy's Tarlac
Contact Person: Mr. Harry Uy
Address: Tarlac
Telephone No: (6345) 982-3982
Fax No: (6345) 982-0748

Ciudad Fernandino
Contact Person: Ms. Cynthia Esguerra
Address: Urdaneta City
Telephone No: (6375) 568-2416
Fax No: (6375) 656-2863

Address: 4/F Cakeplant Bldg., 498 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone No: (632) 532-4050 to 57 loc. 236, 533-7771
Fax No: (632) 532-4050 to 57 loc. 238
Email: mycake@goldilocks.com.ph , terry.paje@goldilocks.com.ph
Website: www.goldilocks.com.ph

Jam Sweet Jam Bakeshop & Restaurant
Contact Person: Ms. Elvie Fernandez
Address: 127 Guilig St., Dagupan City, Pangasinan
Telephone No: (6375) 523-5231, 522-9593
Mobile No: (63920) 456-1833
Email: Jsjresto@Yahoo.Com


Design & Couture - Bridal Fashion

Luchi Gowns
Covers Fashion Studio

Address: Salay, Mangaldan, San Carlos City, Pangasinan, Philippines
Telephone No: (6375) 522-7266, 304-4258
Mobile No: (63917) 508-4361, (63918) 882-5603
Email: Bvercovers@Hotmail.Com

Flowers & Event Styling

Airenes Flower and Balloon Shop
Contact Person: Ms. Airene C. Estrada
Address: Bonuan Catakdang Dagupan City
Telephone: (6375) 515-5157
Mobile No: (63916) 703-6087

Flowers In Bloom
Contact Person: Mr. Vrix Alvarado
Address: CSI The City Mall,Lucao District Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 523-5416



QP Designs
Contact Person: Rowena Mendoza
Address: , 634-640 Evangelista St., Quiapo, Manila City, Metro Manila
Telephone No: (632) 733-2230, 733-2307, 733-2339
Fax No: (632) 733-7734
Email: product.info@gmail.com
Website: http://www.qpdesigns.com

Photo & Video
Ariel Javelosa Photography
Address: 320 Barangka Drive, , Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone No: (632) 535-0624, 532-6329, 531-9132
Mobile No: (63921) 989-8501
Fax No: (632) 532-6329
Email: ariel@arieljavelosa.ph
Website: www.arieljavelosa.ph

Francis Portraits
Contact Person: Mr. Francis Lim
Address: Rizal St, Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 522-0896
Mobile No: (63917) 833-6517
Email: Studio@Francisportraits.Com
Website: www.Francisportraits.Com

Highlights Of Klasse
Contact Person: Mr. Patrick Villamil
Address: Gf Siapno-Tolin Bldg. Rivera St., Dagupan City Pangasinan
Telephone No: (6375) 522-9876, (6375) 515-3880
Mobile No: (63915) 781-3456, (63920) 928-8524
Email: Highlightsofklasse@Yahoo.Com.Ph
Website: www.Highlightsofklasse.Multiply.Com

Rey Corrales Videography & Photography
Address: Rivera St., Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines
Telephone No: (6375) 522-3450


Reception - Hotels

Dagupan Village Hotel
Contact Person: Ms. Camille L. Fernandez
Address: Lucao District Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 522-3011
Fax No: (6375) 522-3801
Website: www.dagupanvillagehotel.com

Hotel Consuelo
Contact Person: Ms. Cleo Trinidad Cruz
Address: Lingayen Pangasinan
Telephone No: (6375) 542-8932
Fax No: (6375) 662-0848

Contact Person: Mr. Joel Cucueco
Address: Cabanatuan
Telephone No: (6344) 464-7777
Fax No: (6344) 464-7778
Website: www.microtel_cabanatuan.com

Star Plaza Hotel
Contact Person: Mr. Rey Petras
Address: A.B.Fernandez Avenue,Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 52-34888
Fax No: (6375) 523-4777
Email: starplazahotel@yahoo.com, info@starplazadagupan.com
Website: www.starplazadagupan.com


Reception - Resorts

El Puerto Marina Beach Resort and Spa
Contact Person: Ms. Rosalie G. Fernando
Address: Lingayen Panagsinan
Telephone No: (6375) 542-5328
Fax No: (6375) 542-2288
Website: www.elpuertomarina.com

Thunderbird Resorts
Contact Person: Ms. Izl D. Cruz
Address: San Fernando La Union
Telephone No: (637) 886-5555
Fax No: (632) 894-3333
Email: acruz@thunderbird-asia.com
Website: www.thunderbirdresorts.com

Villa Jireh Japeth Holistic Resort Hotel
Contact Person: Ms. Carmela Manzano
Address: Labarador,Pangasinan
Telephone No: (6375) 549-5261
Fax No: (6375) 549-5261
Website: www.villajireh.com


Reception - Restaurants

Gloria Maris
Contact Person: Mr. Joey Horato
Address: G/F, CSI The City Mall Lucao District Dagupan City, Pangasinan
Telephone No: (6375) 522-8849
Mobile No: (63920) 804-6041
Fax No: (6375) 523-5416

Max's Restaurant
Contact Person: Ms. Genaline G. Austero
Position: Asst. Marketing Manager - Functions and Events
Address: 10F Salustiana D. Ty Tower, 104 Paseo de Roxas cor. Perea St. Legazpi Village, Makati City
Telephone No: (632) 815-6974
Fax No: (632) 813-7273
Email: ggaustero@maxschicken.com.ph
Website: www.maxschicken.com



Charles Rent a Car
Contact Person: Mr. Florencio Co
Address: San Miguel Calasiao,Panagsinan
Telephone No: (6375) 515-5588
Fax No: (6375) 515-8888
Website: www.charlesrentacar.com


Wedding Planning

Motifs And Concepts
Contact Person: Mr. Mirasol Calimlim
Address: Perez Blvd. Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 515-3371
Mobile No: (63920) 953-3250
Email: Motifsandconcepts@Yahoo.Com

The Gallery, A Wedding And Events Company
Address: Jda Bldg. A.B. Fernandez Ave, Dagupan City
Telephone No: (6375) 522.3883, 515-2700
Mobile No: (63917) 508-6178
Email: Galleryweddings@Gmail.Com

Wedding Resources

Kasal.com – The essential Filipino wedding guide.
Email: info@kasal.com, kasal.com@gmail.com
Website: www.kasal.com


Crown Communities

La Union Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Assosciation
Contact Person: Mr. Daniel T.. Beleng Jr.
Address: San Fernandino La union

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