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The ABS-CBN Regional Network Group is the provincial network of ABS-CBN. It is responsible for live/pre-taped relay of shows aired in Manila throughout the country. The ABS-CBN Regional Network Group has several stations in each region all over the country. This group also delivers news in each region and the fiestas in the cities.

ABS-CBN Regional Network Group
Website: http://beta.abs-cbn.com

Lifestyle Network is an Direct-to-Home entertainment cable channel by ABS-CBN. It can be available through DTH Cable Service.

Lifestyle Network
Website: http://www.lifestylenetwork.tv

Telephone: (632) 631-0000
For EXISTING SUBSCRIBERS: callcenter@skycable.com
For NEW SUBSCRIBERS: telesales@skycable.com
Website: http://www.skycable.com

101.9 For Life (DWRR 101.9 MHz Metro Manila) is the flagship FM station of the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation in the Philippines. Acquired by ABS-CBN in 1986, it is broadcast live throughout the Philippine archipelago as well as throughout the world via The Filipino Channel (TFC). The studios located at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Center, Mo.Ignacia St., Quezon City.

MOR, which stands for My Only Radio - For Life!, is ABS-CBN's FM Regional Radio Network. Most of its stations play music not usually played by its mother station (WRR 101.9), among others upscale hits.

Forty five years ago, a Filipino exile in San Francisco by the name of Alex Esclamado started publishing a newspaper out of his garage. Esclamado and his family had fled the Philippines to escape the oppression of the martial law regime of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Esclamado, as part of the overseas Filipino anti-Marcos movement, initially named his paper The Manila Chronicle, which was in fact one of the major Philippine newspapers shut down by the regime. Later he would rename his newspaper Philippine News.

After Marcos' downfall in 1986, Esclamado took on a new mission: to unite and empower the Filipino American community. He pursued his objective with passion and vigor, often driving across the continent carrying copies of the newspaper in his car to distribute in the different states. This was how Philippine News acquired its national character.

Philippine News
Website: http://www.philippinenews.com

In October 1995, BusinessWorld ventured into on-line publishing -- the first in the Philippines and one of the first in East Asia. Codex, its electronic archives, is one of the Philippines' most extensive banks of the country's business news and information, published since 1994.

Website: http://www.bworldonline.com

In October 1995, BusinessWorld ventured into on-line publishing -- the first in the Philippines and one of the first in East Asia. Codex, its electronic archives, is one of the Philippines' most extensive banks of the country's business news and information, published since 1994.

BusinessWorld Highlife
Website: http://www.bworldonline.com

Manila Bulletin's About Weddings
Website: http://www.mb.com.ph

The Manila Times The Manila Times
Website: http://www.manilatimes.net

Sunstar The office was set up on April 5, 1999 primarily as the exchange mechanism for members of the Sun.Star network of community newspapers in the Philippines. Through regular story dispatches, network members are able to share among themselves their editorial resources. More than its predecessor, the Sun.Star News Service (SNS), the Sunnex has evolved into an office for the promotion to the public of a Sun.Star network identity and for the network's participation in the new economy. This is best expressed through the network website - the Sun.Star Network Online - at www.sunstar.com.ph which provides members with Internet presence and which generates versions of Sun.Star editorial materials to meet the requirements of emerging media.

Website: http://www.sunstar.com.ph

Now on its 18th year as the Philippine's leading information authority on the local information and communication technology (ICT) community, Media G8way Corp. is committed to the promotion of ICT as a primary tool for enhancing the country's competitive edge in both local and international arenas.

Media G8way Corp. Telephone: (632) 812-8401 to 03
Email: dacgutierrez@mediag8way.com
Website: http://www.mediag8way.com

Flavors Magazine
Website: http://www.tower.com.ph

Entrepreneur Magazine
Website: http://www.entrepreneur.com

loCalDirect is a CD directory of Philippine Institutions. Compared to a telephone directory, loCalDirect contains as many contact details as possible - including the mobile, email/website address of the company. Compared to any print directory, loCalDirect's database is updated every two months, to ensure that subscribers get more comprehensive, accurate contact information. Compared to any local directory medium, loCalDirect is easy-to-use, it comes in portable document format and it has a search software for quick searching of business information.

loCalDirect Telephone: (632) 414-3596, 415-9249
Website: http://www.localdirect.ph

philstar.com is a news and infotainment portal especially designed for the Filipino Global Community. Our goal is simple: to keep Filipinos (wherever in the world they may be) in tune with the events taking place in the Philippines, in sync with the needs and trends of the times, and in touch with the rest of the world. Launched in March 1997 as the Internet presence of The Philippine STAR - one of the country's leading English broadsheets - it experienced a rebirth in August 2000, when it was re-launched as the mega-portal for the Filipino Global Community, and then again in June 2005, when it underwent its latest makeover

Website: http://www.philstar.com

Website: http://www.yehey.com

HerWord.com is the site for the Filipina professional, with everything she could possibly need and want, and more. It offers a refreshing mix of intelligent, interesting articles in one convenient stop. It carries everything including celebrity profiles, features on shopping, beauty, fashion, home and gardens, fitness and health, business, law, personal finance, entertainment, family, parenting, child-rearing and relationships. This is a site for every woman, and even men, who want to get to know the country's female (and some, male) movers and shakers, the issues pertinent to them, and the trends that affect their lifestyle.

Herword.com Telephone: (632) 535-9923
Website: http://www.herword.com

Sunstar PinoyExchange is an online community populated by Filipinos from around the World. With discussion forums on a wide breadth of categories, PinoyExchange (or PEx) is an avenue for anyone who wishes to speak their mind on any topic under the sun. Registered members can post mess

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