Kasalang Filipino
Roadshow 2016

Cagayan De Oro


Kasalang Filipino Davao 2007 Exhibitors

Beauty & Grooming
David's Salon
Contact Person: Jessica Tayag
Address: NCCC Mall,2nd Flr. Ma-a Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 299-4598 to 99

Contact Person: Charito Bersabal
Address: Davao

Salon Nicole
Contact Person: Sheila Magpale
Address: Davao

All About Cakes
Contact Person: Tanya R. Tan
Address: Rizal Promenade 183 Rizal St. Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 224-6189
Mobile: (63920) 900-5518

Merco Quality Cakes
Contact Person: Crismarie M. Torres
Address: Cabaguio Ave. Bajada Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 221-7313 loc. 219
Mobile: (63920) 951-1902
Fax: (6382) 226-3947
Email: merco@yahoo.com

Natalie's Cakes & Pastries
Contact Person: Booboo Maramba
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 296-1004

Designers & Couturiers
Alta Moda
Contact Person: Girlie Saguilili
Address: Davao

Ashley Boutique
Contact Person: Robert Villacruz
Address: Davao
Telephone: (63928) 724-45014

Contact Person: Jose Rhoniel Batu
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 227-2425

Contact Person: Anna Karina Gelaver
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 300-1953

Shengs Creation

Contact Person: Sheng Jungco
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 227-7730

Music & Entertainment
Amore Classic Musicians
Contact Person: Joanna Velayo
Address: 30 Diamond St. Ecoland Phase 4 Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 296-0925
Mobile: (63917) 497-7391
Email: velayojoanna@yahoo.com
Website: www.amoremusiciansphilippines.com

Young Saxophonist
Contact Person: Peter Dumlao
Address: Davao
Mobile: (63927) 432-4960

Photo & Video
1001 Digital Photography
Contact Person: Joveth Pichon
Address: Davao

Imagine Fotofun Digital Express - Casa de Davao Bldg
Contact Person: Florence Te
Address: Casa de Davao Bldg. Boton St. Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 227-7756, 299-7577
Mobile: (63920) 900-8810, (63922) 899-7577

Imagine Fotofun Digital Express - Gaisano Mall Of Davao
Contact Person: Florence Te
Address: 3rd Flr. Gaisano Mall Of Davao Davao
Telephone: (6382) 227-3078, 299-7577
Mobile: (63920) 900-8810, (63922) 899-7577
Email: email@imaginefotofun.com
Website: www.imaginefotofun.com

Jamsparty Graphic Studio
Contact Person: Eric Jambo
Address: Davao

Lito Sy Studio,Inc. - SM City Davao
Contact Person: Johansson Marie Trinidad
Address: G/F SM City Davao Guimpo Blvd. Ecoland Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 303-0305, 297-6785
Mobile: (63920) 586-6227 (6382) 297-7085
Email: litosydvo@pldtdsl.net
Website: www.litosy.com

Lito Sy Studio,Inc. - Gaisano Mall Of Davao
Contact Person: Johansson Marie Trinidad
Address: 2/F Gaisano Mall Of Davao JP Laurel Ave. Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 227-6883
Email: litosydvo@pldtdsl.net
Website: www.litosy.com

MVP Digital Video
Contact Person: Allan Christopher, Michael C. Alejandrino
Address: Davao
Mobile: (63917) 7070511
Email: darth_acma@yahoo.com
Website: www.mvp.com.ph

New Jersy Studio, Inc. - Main Office
Contact Person: Jerry Sy
Address: 2nd Level NCCC Mall Bajada Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 298-4884, 297-4774
Website: www.newjersystudio.com

New Jersy Studio, Inc. - Branch
Contact Person: Jerry Sy
Address: 2/F Victoria Plaza Mall Bajada Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 225-4211
Website: www.newjersystudio.com

New Jersy Studio, Inc. - Post-Production Center
Contact Person: Jerry Sy
Address: Door 4,Tiokno Bldg. Duterte Sr. St. Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 224-2044, 226-8386
Website: www.newjersystudio.com

Precious Moments
Contact Person: Myra Gevero Julia
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 222-5590, 222-1676
Mobile: (63916) 558-9413, (63916) 5515-1355
Email: cmgjulia2005@yahoo.com

Precious Moments
Contact Person: Imee M. Guinoo
Address: Davao
Mobile: (63916) 980-4930
Email: dana2818@yahoo.com

Rhonson Photography
Contact Person: Rhonson Ng
Address: Davao
Mobile: (63927) 700-7001

Roland Jumawan Photo & Video
Contact Person: Roland Jmawan
Address: Unit B3 Abiva Bldg. McArthur Highway Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 303-2861 (63919) 239-5508
Email: rolandjumawan_photography@yahoo.com
Website: www.rolandjumawan.com

Yoyong Palima Photography
Contact Person: Wheng G. Mangana
Address: 3rd Flr. Gaisano Mall Of Davao JP Laurel Ave. Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 227-8777 (63916) 611-8355
Website: www.yoyongpalima.com/www.artpixportrait.com

Post Wedding Services
Contact Person: Andrea Partosa
Address: Davao

Contact Person: Beng Mejos
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 225-8720, 221-9098

Contact Person: Cristy N. Samson
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 296-2061

Defining Concept
Contact Person: Maureen Basilan
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 305-2996
Mobile: (63921) 535-700

Earthgrain, Inc.
Contact Person: Bernadette Sajorda
Address: Davao

Envy Me
Contact Person: Ada Dolosa
Address: Davao

Contact Person: Maureen Morales
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 299-4433
Mobile: (63917) 745-4846

Gifts From The Heart By Annie
Contact Person: Annie Paz Lim
Address: The Old House 102 Sta.Ana Avenue Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 221-7059
Mobile: (63917) 717-1268
Fax: (6382) 221-2758
Email: anniewedding@yahoo.com

Golden Touch
Contact Person: Noel Tanza
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 300-1977
Mobile: (63918) 927-6465

Contact Person: Milo Ong
Address: Davao
Telephone: (63921) 691-4268

Contact Person: Mercedes Borbon
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 221-0427

Jasmine Wedding Planner
Contact Person: Jasmine Manubay
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 221-2599
Mobile: (63927) 379-7857

Jonallier And Associates
Contact Person: Jonallier Mana-ay Perez
Address: Davao

Joy Bernaldez
Contact Person: Joy Bernaldez
Address: Davao

Knots Forever
Contact Person: Maureen Siongco
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 225-5354

NCCC Department Store
Contact Person: Ivy Michelle Lim
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 224-0186

NCCC Foods
Contact Person: Michelle A. Monforte
Address: NCCC Mall Davao
Telephone: (6382) 299-4191, 299-4600

NCCC Foods
Contact Person: Vanessa A. Sinfuego
Address: NCCC Mall Davao
Telephone: (6382) 228-6867

Contact Person: AL Ryan Alejandre
Address: Davao
Mobile: (63917) 702-8181

Pearl Farm
Contact Person: Mikel Villaverde
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 234-0601, 235-0857

Rico Yu Uy
Contact Person: Jerico Yu Uy
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 228-6880
Mobile: (63915) 747-0838

Contact Person: Allen Villena
Address: Dr. 1 Santos Bldg. Duterte St. Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 301-6884

Sole Ideas
Contact Person: Ira Valencia
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 440-4225
Mobile: (63917) 300-0771

Wedding Bells

Contact Person: May Tan
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 297-8588

Wedding Channel
Contact Person: Arlene G. Chu
Address: Ecoland Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 305-0644, 296-9511
Mobile: (63918) 366-1478, (63916) 432-3282, (63922) 465-1750

Reception - Catering
Garden Oases Resort & Restaurant
Contact Person: Maribel B. Bernal
Address: Porras St. Obrero Davao City Davao
Telephone: (6382) 224-1402, 03
Mobile: (63922) 898-0409
Fax: (6382) 222-2998
Email: garden_oases@yahoo.com

Mila's Catering Services
Contact Person: Mila S. Teves
Address: Davao

Ranchero's Grill Steak & Seafood Restaurant
Contact Person: Solita Sunglado
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 225-1199

Reception - Hotel
Apo View Hotel
Contact Person: Mariano Pamintuan Jr.
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 221-6430, 221-6431

Grand Men Seng Hotel
Contact Person: George Lim
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 221-9040, 221-2431

Grand Regal Hotel
Contact Person: Jennifer Bajardo
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 234-3910, 235-088

Royal Mandaya Hotel
Contact Person: Emil Escandor
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 225-8888, 225-1885

Ritz Garden Hotel
Contact Person: Maribel B. Bernal
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 228-6885, 87
Mobile: (63922) 898-0409
Email: ritzgarden@yahoo.com

Reception - Venues
Eden Mountain Resort
Contact Person: Daldy Magnalye
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 299-1020

Megrande Ocean Resort
Contact Person: Ernesto Evangelsita
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 297-0506

Paradise Island
Contact Person: Narciso Rodriguez
Address: Davao
Telephone: (6382) 234-1229, 233-0251

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